The camp is designed for rapid game improvement. 



862 DeGraw Ave




Larry Evans
Alex Yermolinsky
Boris Gulko



 Campers arrive between 8:45-9am, and are picked up between 5-5:15pm. The camp has a limited number of enrollments . Please contact us for a registration form and discuss further. 


Established 1992 "Geller Kids" National Chess Camp on the East for children ages 5-14



Most Instruction sessions divide students into groups based on ability. Students attend a variety of workshops and classes covering openings, endgames, master games, tactics, traps, and also play in Simultaneous Exhibitions, USCF-rated, Speed and Bughouse Tournaments. The camp is designed for rapid game improvement. There is an extensive chess library and computer room.



Recreational breaks are provided on a regular basis. Besides chess, students participate in a variety of healthy, outdoor activities, including soccer, table tennis, badminton, and others.



All-you-can-eat meals include: pizza, cheeseburgers, sausage, spaghetti, chicken, pasta, salads, cereal, eggs, ice cream, and much more. Chocolate milk, milk, iced tea, fruits, and snacks are available all day.